The sun, the soil and the traditions of winemaking in Spain bring to you the best wines for your daily enjoyment!

Terra Alta Reserva red

BOTA REAL RESERVA vino tinto D.O. Terra Alta – excellente como aperitivo, con quesos, carnes ahumadas y a la plancha, y estofados. Servir entre 16-18 ºC.

Terra Alta Reserva red


BOTA REAL RESERVA red wine comes from the high planes of Terra Alta where the Grenache and Syrah grape varieties mature at an altitude of 350 and 500 meters under the Mediterranean climate. After careful harvest and fermentation the coupage is made and then aged in American and French oak barrels for 12 months, as well as in bottle until it acquires is exceptional taste of aromas.

Presentation: Bottle 75cl

Region / Denomination of Origin: Terra Alta, Spain



Intense, dark red cherry and violet colour tones


Aromas of wild berries and red fruits with a touch of toast from oak barrels


Voluminous and elegant ballance of fruit and tannins, with long fine aftertaste.

Food matches:

Excellent as an appetizer with cheeses, smoked and grilled meats, and stews. Best served at 16 – 18 ºC.


Bota Real, red, wine


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December 2, 2017