The sun, the soil and the traditions of winemaking in Spain bring to you the best wines for your daily enjoyment!

Terra Alta Gran Reserva red

BOTA REAL Gran Reserva aged red wine of D.O. Terra Alta –food matches: wonderful with with salty canapés, meats, stews, game, cured and blue cheeses. Best served at 16–18 ºC.

Terra Alta Gran Reserva red


BOTA REAL GRAN RESERVA RED WINE has its grapes of Grenache and Syrah varieties harvested by hand on altitude of 350 and 500 meters not far from the Mediterranean coast. Every variety is fermented and vinified separatelly after which the coupage is aged in American and French oak barrels for 24 months and latere in bottle until it acquires is exceptional bouquet of aromas and smooth taste.

Presentation: Bottle 75cl
Region / Denomination of Origin: Terra Alta, Spain



Intense cherry red colour with ruby red tones


This exquisite wine presents intense aromas of ripe red fruits, cacao and vanilla


Powerful, mineral and full – bodied taste with a long and round finish.

Food matches:

Matches: with salty canapés, meats, stews, game, cured and blue cheeses


Bota Real, red, wine


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December 2, 2017